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Yellow Therapy

~ The calming effects of jasmine yellow paint, the light streaming through diverse windows, and the neutral bed linens create an unfussy elegance. ~

Color is to interior design what butter is to bread, so to speak. Without color, any space would be unexciting and quite bland. It’s no surprise then that the first thing that comes to mind when we begin a design project is the palette. We start with our favorite colors, the ones that empower us and express our emotions and we strive to give the space the touch of our personality.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it is happy, optimistic, energetic and it makes me think about radiant spring days. For these reasons, I have amassed heaps of examples of sunshine-filled interiors and I cannot wait to use them as inspiration when decorating our long wished-for house. Below are a few more of my cherished muses.

~ Cream, yellow tinted with white, is a seductive color as it warms without overpowering, while also escaping the monotony of austere white. ~

~ School-bus yellow walls bring summer into this winter porch, conferring it a welcoming and energetic vibe. ~

~ Stil de grain yellow accents against soft, powdery, matte walls, perfectly contrast the chocolate hardwood floor and furniture. ~

~Saffron yellow and moss green partner in marvelous harmony to transform this living room into a cozy chic oasis. ~ 

~ The combination of white and buff yellow seems to work miracles in this small room, making it bigger and brighter. ~

Primary color: Benjamin Moore – Showtime

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